¡The Screaming Norwegians!
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We are not officially affiliated with the fine country of Norway. While we are fans, our heart lies with the U.S. of A. and the great state of North Dakota.
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¡The Screaming Norwegians! ® 3270 Salem Court, Aurora, IL 60504
¡The Screaming Norwegians! are two friendly young men from North Dakota (transplanted to Chicago) who enjoy making music by hitting things with sticks. 

Adam Cowger and Ben Wahlund have entertained all around the country and love the pleasure of making percussive music with friends, old and new, in all sorts of settings. Please enjoy our website and know that we will be happy to visit with the utmost sincerity and pleasant mannerisms should you have any questions. 

"It shore is nice hearing from ya'!"

"Oh - Yah shore, you betcha'."